Most Wanted Chinese playing cards was produced by artist Kent Lins in 2010 as an outlet for his interest in the politics and future of China. He chose Chinese leaders who seemed at that time to have the potential to shape China’s future. Some Communist Party members in the deck of cards were chosen for their potentially negative role. Others with the thought that they might become progressive over time. Since producing the Most Wanted Chinese Playing Cards in 2010 numerous members in his deck of cards have been arrested and imprisoned for corruption. Many have have retired, and even more have grown their power in the Communist Party leadership.

Kent is an artist who broke his elbow and wrist in the spring of 2010. Researching the structure of the Communist Party of China, drilling through candidates for the deck, plunging into photoshop, and negotiating with an offshore printer occupied 3 months of his time while healing. The result is a unique way to view the game of Chinese politics – in an authentic deck of plastic coated poker cards.

Kent’s artist website is k3nt.info